Sidney Theatre

The Historic Sidney Theatre would not be able to operate without the unending support of our amazing volunteers! Please consider joining us for any of the following positions:

  • Concessions sales

  • Small renovation projects

  • Cleaning

  • Load-In & Load-Out

  • Programming Committee

  • Security

  • Ticket Sales & Scanning

  • Farmer’s Market booth

As a volunteer, you become part of preserving and promoting the rich history and cultural heritage of this iconic institution.

With each four-hour volunteering session, you not only contribute to the smooth operation of the theatre but also earn rewards for your dedicated service. The theatre has implemented a reward system to recognize and appreciate its volunteers. Depending on the number of hours volunteered, you can earn various incentives such as complimentary tickets to shows, free t-shirts, and annual memberships.

Volunteering at The Historic Sidney Theatre allows you to make a meaningful impact while enjoying the perks of being part of this vibrant community.

To sign up to be a Historic Sidney Theatre volunteer please click here.

Sign up first under the Historic Sidney Theatre Volunteers sign up and then you can sign up for any volunteer opportunities that interest you!

For more information or any questions please email hstvolunteers@gmail.com or call 937-498-1921.