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Upcoming auditions for “The Rocky Horror Show” and “A Christmas Carol”!

Auditions for our upcoming productions of “The Rocky Horror Show” (October 20th-22nd) and “A Christmas Carol” (December 8th-10th) will take place at The Historic Sidney Theatre from 5:30PM to 8:00PM on August 6th and 7th. Please use the link below to sign up for an audition time slot.


“The Rocky Horror Show” Audition Info

Auditions for “The Rocky Horror Show” are for performers who are 18+.

To audition for Rocky Horror please sing up for an audition slot and prepare any song of your choice (16-32 measures), you can either sing this acapella or with a backing track. If you would like to use a backing track please have that prepared as well.

“The Rocky Horror Show” Parts

Brad Majors – Tenor, Baritone

Janet Weiss – Mezzo-Soprano

Dr. Frank N Furter – Baritone

Riff Raff – Tenor

Columbia – Mezzo-Soprano

Rocky Horror – Tenor

Eddie – Baritone

Dr. Scott – Baritone

Magenta – Mezzo Soprano, Alto

The Narrator – Any

Usherette – Mezzo-Soprano


 “A Christmas Carol” Audition Info

Auditions for “A Christmas Carol” are all ages!

To audition for A Christmas Carol please sign-up for an audition slot and we will provide sides from the script for you to read for your audition.

Characters in “A Christmas Carol”

The Scrooges:
EBENEZER SCROOGE: Male. Scrooge is a grumpy old man who has buried a lot of memories by focusing only on his work and material success.

FRED: Male. Fred is the opposite of his uncle Scrooge— upbeat and optimistic, he celebrates his life, even though he’s not well off financially.

JANE: Female. Jane is Fred’s wife; confident and strong, a modern woman who isn’t afraid to let her voice be heard.

The Cratchit Family:
BOB CRATCHIT: Male. Bob is a good-natured and hard-working man, doing his best to stay positive while supporting a large family and working for a very difficult boss.

MRS. CRATCHIT: Female. Bob Cratchit’s supportive wife and mother to their large brood. Featured solos

TINY TIM: Male. Tiny Tim is Cratchit’s son who, despite his physical challenges, still believes in everything around him.

MARTHA CRATCHIT: Female, late teens or older. Bob Cratchit’s oldest child who has moved out but who makes it home for Christmas, knowing how important it is to the family.

BELINDA CRATCHIT: Female, pre-mid teen. Bob Cratchit’s younger daughter.

SUSAN CRATCHIT: Female, pre-mid teen. Bob Cratchit’s younger daughter.

PETER CRATCHIT: Male, early teens. Bob Cratchit’s oldest son, on the brink of adulthood but not quite there yet.

The Spirits:
JACOB MARLEY: Male. The ghost of Jacob Marley shows the tragic end of a life lived like Scrooge’s. He deals in heavy emotions at all times— anger and anguish mostly.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: Female, teens and up. The Ghost seems gentle and etherial, but her questioning of Scrooge intentionally causes him to address memories he’d be happier to push aside.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Adult. Loud and boisterous, the Ghost lives in the moment but mixes his good nature with a serious understanding of the weight of time.


FANNY: Scrooge’s Sister. Her warmth is such that she can make even Boy Scrooge’s saddest day better.

From Scrooge’s Past:
BOY EBENEZER: Male, pre-teen. Scrooge as a child is sullen and lonely, mostly content to bury himself in books rather than engage the world around him.

YOUNG EBENEZER: Male. Unlike his older self, Young Ebenezer tempers his drive to succeed with a dash of wide-eyed romance.

ISABEL: Female. Belle is the girl of Young Ebenezer’s dreams, who falls for him but is strong and independent enough to walk away when he chooses work over her.

DICK WILKINS: Male, late teen or early twenties. Young Ebenezer’s best friend, an outgoing and confident young man..

FEZZIWIG: Male. Mr. Fezziwig is a huge personality who is loved by all and who wants nothing more than to share his success with everyone around him.

MRS. FEZZIWIG: Female, 40s or older. Much like Mr. Fezziwig, Mrs. Fezziwig is a big personality who turns everything she touches into a celebration.

CECELIA FEZZIWIG: Female, older teen. Mr. Fezziwig’s daughter.