Raise the Roof for the Arts Board of Directors

Raise the Roof for the Arts (RTR) is a group of Shelby County citizens who, along with local arts organizations, see an opportunity to enhance the quality of life in our community. Our mission is to "renovate and operate the Historic Sidney Theatre for cultural, artistic and educational purposes for the benefit of the Shelby County community." We want to provide a beautifully renovated venue for performing arts, entertainment, cultural and educational events and other community events to serve the Shelby County region.

Shelby County is thriving with local and vital performing arts groups such as Sock & Buskin Community Theatre, Sidney Dance Company, Eleventh Hour Theatre Company, Sidney Civic Band, Swing Era Band, and Gateway Choral Society. A renovated Historic Sidney Theatre would provide them a real performance venue and allow for them to expand the performances they present and produce, particularly among the most active user groups, Sock & Buskin Community Theatre and Sidney Dance Company.

The renovation of the Historic Sidney Theatre will make the dream of a performance facility a reality. Having a venue where the community members can perform for the community they live in and a place where presenters can provide programming will contribute to the richness of the greater community. Now, more than ever, is the time to come together for the preservation, restoration and utilization of one of Sidney’s finest landmarks.


Meet our Board of Directors


Judy Westerheide, President

Bill Zimmerman Jr., Vice President


Julie Covault, Treasurer


Alyson Craver Morris, Secretary

Rudy Keister, Past President


John Coffield

Jerry Doerger

Chris Geise

Amy Gleason

Dan Freytag                 

Doreen Larson

Jenny Lenhard

Tom Milligan

Mardie Milligan

Josh Ross

Laney Shaw, Office Intern


Jan Spournhauer, Administrive Assistant


Behind The Curtain

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